Overexpression and characterization of Wzz of Escherichia coli O86:H2.

  title={Overexpression and characterization of Wzz of Escherichia coli O86:H2.},
  author={Hongjie Guo and Kaarina Lokko and Yun Zhi Zhang and Wen Fang Yi and Zhengrong Wu and Peng George Wang},
  journal={Protein expression and purification},
  volume={48 1},
O-Antigen plays a critical role in the bacterium-host interplay, the chain length is an important factor in O-antigen functions. Wzz protein is responsible for O-antigen chain length regulation, but the mechanism is still unknown. Here, we overexpressed the Wzz of Escherichia coli O86:H2 in wzz mutant O86:H2 strain, the yield can achieve 15 mg/L. The recombinant Wzz was purified to 99% purity in dodecylmaltoside by sequential Ni-affinity chromatography and anion-exchange. Size exclusion… CONTINUE READING