Overdose after detoxification: a prospective study.

  title={Overdose after detoxification: a prospective study.},
  author={James D Wines and Richard Saitz and Nicholas J. Horton and Christine A. Lloyd-Travaglini and Jeffrey H Samet},
  journal={Drug and alcohol dependence},
  volume={89 2-3},
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine predictors of non-fatal overdose (OD) among a cohort of 470 adults after detoxification from heroin, cocaine or alcohol. METHODS We examined factors associated with time to OD during 2 years after discharge from an urban detoxification unit in Boston, MA, USA using multivariable regression analyses. Separate analyses were performed for both the total sample and a subgroup with problem opioid use. RESULTS Lifetime prevalence for any OD was 30… CONTINUE READING

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