Overdamped thermal ratchets in one and more dimensions. Kinesin transport and protein folding

  title={Overdamped thermal ratchets in one and more dimensions. Kinesin transport and protein folding},
  author={Ernesto Gonz{\'a}lez-Candela and V{\'i}ctor Romero-Roch{\'i}n},
  journal={Physica A-statistical Mechanics and Its Applications},
Walking motion of an overdamped active particle in a ratchet potential
A generalized energy-depot model of an overdamped active particle in a ratchet potential that can capture the essential properties of the kinesin motor such as forward stepping, stalling, backward stepping, dependence on ATP concentration, and stall force is found.
Robustness of multidimensional Brownian ratchets as directed transport mechanisms.
The behavior of Brownian ratchets shown in this article considerably enhances the plausibility of the model for at least part of the structural mechanism behind protein folding process and represents a simple model that solves the Levinthal's paradox with great robustness and flexibility.
Directed transport as a mechanism for protein folding in vivo.
This model solves Levinthal's paradox without requiring biased transition probabilities but at the expense of opening the system to an external field.
Biological physics in México
This review article intends to somehow summarize what has been done in the past, to show some examples of fruitful investigations in the biological physics area, and to set a proposal of new curricula for physics students and professionals interested in applying their science to get a better understanding of the physical basis of biological function.


Fluctuation driven ratchets: Molecular motors.
Even if the net force is always zero, flow is induced by a fluctuation of the energy barrier, but only at flipping times roughly in between the adiabatic adjustment times on the left and right of the barrier.
We discuss the directed motion of overdamped Brownian particles based on a two-dimensional ratchet model with a non-conservative impulsive force field. We consider the combined effects on the
Nonmonotonic behavior of mobility in a multidimensional overdamped periodic system
  • Bao
  • Engineering
    Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics
  • 2000
The mobility motion of an overdamped particle subjected to a thermal white noise in a multidimensional coupled periodic potential tilted by a constant force is studied and it is observed that the two-dimensional mean velocity can be a nonmonotonic function of the temperature when the curvature of the potential at the barriers is less than that at local minima.
Brownian motors
In systems possessing a spatial or dynamical symmetry breaking, thermal Brownian motion combined with unbiased, non‐equilibrium noise gives rise to a channelling of chance that can be used to
Modeling molecular motors
The authors present general considerations and simple models for the operation of isothermal motors at small scales, in asymmetric environments. Their work is inspired by recent observations on the
Precise numerics versus theory for correlation ratchets.
Fluctuation-induced transport in a correlation ratchet driven by both additive Gaussian white and additive Ornstein-Uhlenbeck (colored) noise is studied numerically and interpreted against
Multidimensional and memory effects on diffusion of a particle.
  • J. Bao
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2001
The diffusion of an overdamped Brownian particle in the two-dimensional (2D) channel bounded periodically by a parabola is studied, where the particle is subject to an additive white or colored
Random walks of cytoskeletal motors in open and closed compartments.
Random walks of molecular motors, which bind to and unbind from cytoskeletal filaments, are studied theoretically and quantitative estimates based on experimental data for bound motors indicate that these transport phenomena are accessible to experiments.