Overcoming the Voc limitation of CZTSe solar cells

  title={Overcoming the Voc limitation of CZTSe solar cells},
  author={L. Risch and L. Vauche and Alex Redinger and Mirjana Dimitrievska and Yudania Sx00E1nchez and Edgardo Saucedo and Thomas Unold and T. Goislard and C. M. Ruiz and Ludovic Escoubas and J. J. Simon},
  journal={2016 IEEE 43rd Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC)},
The Voc deficit issue is considered to be the most significant limitation of high-performance kesterite devices [1]. Secondary phases, defects, band tailing and interface recombination at the kesterite/CdS heterojunction are possible reasons for the low Voc. Raman spectroscopy and PL imaging are applied here for the detection of these phenomena. Their impact on Voc and the efficiency of CZTSe devices is investigated. Process steps are optimized so as to limit their negative influence. Control… CONTINUE READING