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Overcoming the Five Primary Negative Thoughts: A Twenty- One Day Mind Renewal Plan for Men

  title={Overcoming the Five Primary Negative Thoughts: A Twenty- One Day Mind Renewal Plan for Men},
  author={Paul Chipman},
OVERCOMING THE FIVE PRIMARY NEGATIVE THOUGHTS: A TWENTY-ONE DAY PLAN FOR MEN Paul R. Chipman Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, 2014 Mentor: Dr. Charles N. Davidson The Bible commands Christians to be transformed by renewing their minds with the Word of God. This project proposes a biblical mind transformation plan targeting men specifically, as well as the broader body of Christ. The plan equips Christians with the skills to learn how to identify, control, and eliminate the five primary… 

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Who's in charge? Free will and the science of the brain

  • D. Linden
  • Psychology
    Cognitive neuropsychiatry
  • 2014
Gazzaniga argues that this is not the case and that it would be as futile to try to teach humans to like the smell of rotten eggs as it has been to tries to teach a sparrow the song of a different species, but acknowledges the malleability of the brain and the importance of learning and other environmental influences.

Religious versus Conventional Psychotherapy for Major Depression in Patients with Chronic Medical Illness: Rationale, Methods, and Preliminary Results

  • H. Koenig
  • Psychology
    Depression research and treatment
  • 2012
The ultimate goal is to determine if a psychotherapy delivered remotely that integrates patients' religious resources improves depression more quickly than a therapy that ignores them, and whether religious CBT is more effective than conventional CBT in reversing depression-induced physiological changes.

Comprehensive handbook of cognitive therapy

Theory and Research: The History of Cognition in Psychotherapy (A. Ellis). Cognitive Therapy (A.T. Beck & M. Weishaar). The Measurement of Cognition in Psychopathology: Clinical and Research

Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical & Financial Destiny!

Shows readers how to clarify their personal values, resolve internal conflicts, master emotions, and overcome debilitating habits.

Hardwired Behavior: What Neuroscience Reveals about Morality

This work aims to provide a scaffolding for a moral brain Glossary Notes Index, a guide to the construction of a Moral Brain Glossary.

Easy Effective Counseling: A Strategy for Busy Pastors

Date 4-2013 Department Rawlings School of Divinity Degree Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Chair Charlie Davidson Primary Subject Area Theology; Social Work; Psychology, General; Religion, General;

What to Say When You Talk to Your Self

what to say when you talk to your self shad helmstetter discover dr shad helmstetter s wildly popular self help book what to say when you talk to your self now updated with new information for the

Neurotheology: The Working Brain and the Work of Theology

Abstract. Because the mind is the significance of the brain and God is the significance of the mind, the concept “mind” bridges how the brain works and traditional patterns of belief. The left mind,