Overcoming the ‘daily bludgeoning by apartheid’: black South African women writers, agency, and space

  title={Overcoming the ‘daily bludgeoning by apartheid’: black South African women writers, agency, and space},
  author={Barbara Boswell},
  journal={African Identities},
  pages={414 - 427}
Abstract This article examines creative agency in the lives of four black South African women writers during South African apartheid: Miriam Tlali, Lauretta Ngcobo, Gladys Thomas, and Sindiwe Magona. Drawing theoretically on Mamphela Ramphele’s conceptualizations of space, it analyzes life review interviews with these writers, who were among the first black women to publish novels and poetry in apartheid South Africa, about the ways in which they came to understand themselves as writers and… 
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