Overcoming extractability hurdles of a 14C labeled taxane analogue milataxel and its metabolite from xenograft mouse tumor and brain tissues.

  title={Overcoming extractability hurdles of a 14C labeled taxane analogue milataxel and its metabolite from xenograft mouse tumor and brain tissues.},
  author={Hudan Safarpour and Paul C. Connolly and Xiaojie Tong and Mike Bielawski and Everett Wilcox},
  journal={Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis},
  volume={49 3},
Taxane analogue milataxel have been shown to bound to proteins/tissues irreversibly. Extraction of the aforementioned bound drug and metabolite was proven to be difficult task. Nonetheless, an extraction method had to be developed to accurately determine drug concentration in tissues over time. This method would enable Taxolog, Inc. (Fairfield, NJ, USA) to accurately map the fate of drug in mice and it would also enable to better design drug dosing scheme for its maximum efficiency. A… Expand
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