Overcoming Talent Shortage through Impact Sourcing

  title={Overcoming Talent Shortage through Impact Sourcing},
  author={Aini Aman and Abdul Aziz bin Ahmad and Yusazniza Mohd Yunus and Zaini Embong and Ruhanita Maelah},
  journal={Jurnal Pengurusan UKM Journal of Management},
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to understand the use of impact sourcing strategy to overcome talent shortage issues in global business services (GBS) firms located in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. These countries were selected because of their potential development in impact sourcing. This study uses qualitative research approach with two selected case studies of GBS firms with impact sourcing operations. The selected GBS firms involved in impact sourcing of their finance and accounting… 

Sustainability of Impact Sourcing Initiatives in Higher Education for Graduates’ Employability

Impact sourcing (ImS) initiatives in higher education play important roles in the employability of graduates, especially in the global business services (GBS) industry. This study explores the

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