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Overcoming Organisational Challenges related to Agile Project Management Adoption

  title={Overcoming Organisational Challenges related to Agile Project Management Adoption},
  author={R. Hansenne and A. Hibner},
For the past few years, Agile methodologies have been hailed as the silver bullet which will successfully address the high project failure rate. Many organisations have been using a traditional project management methodology for years and are now either considering or in the progress of introducing a more agile approach as a substitute for the more rigid, inflexible and control oriented traditional methodologies. Potential benefits include, but are not limited to, faster return on investment… Expand
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The purpose of this article is not to compare agile and traditional methods, but to raise awareness of potential project management conflicts that can arise when a company employing an agile method collaborates with aCompany employing a traditional development methodology. Expand
A framework to support the evaluation, adoption and improvement of agile methods in practice
A number of approaches to assist in the transition to an agile approach are described, including the Agile Software Solution Framework, which provides an overall context for the exploration of agile methods, knowledge and governance and contains an Agile Toolkit for quantifying part of the agile process. Expand
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Acceptance of Agile Methodologies: A Critical Review and Conceptual Framework
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Exploring the Transient Nature of Agile Project Management Practices
This work underlies the ongoing development of an agile positioning and navigation tool including a survey approach to practice and tool impact analysis and estimation and recommends an impact estimation approach for identifying current practice state and a corresponding approach for navigating through the value space. Expand
Introducing Discipline to XP: Applying PRINCE2 on XP Projects
  • Z. Al-Zoabi, Mouhib Alnoukari
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 3rd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies: From Theory to Applications
  • 2008
The effect of introducing disciplined project management methodology on the flexibility and agility with which agile methods are characterized is seen, using a modified XP, the most well-known and oldest method of the agile spectrum, along with PRINCE2 one of the successful management methods. Expand