Overall thermomechanical properties of layered materials for energy devices applications

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Computation of effective piezoelectric properties of stratified composites and application to wave propagation analysis
A methodology for the computation of the homogenized response of stratified piezoelectric materials is proposed. The stratified composite consists of the periodic repetition of piezoelectric layers.
Complex frequency band structure of periodic thermo-diffusive materials by Floquet–Bloch theory
This work deals with the micromechanical study of periodic thermo-diffusive elastic multi-layered materials, which are of interest for the fabrication of solid oxide fuel cells. The focus is on the
Dynamic asymptotic homogenization for periodic viscoelastic materials.
A non-local dynamic homogenization technique for the analysis of a viscoelastic heterogeneous material which displays a periodic microstructure is herein proposed. The asymptotic expansion of the
Multi-field asymptotic homogenization approach for Bloch wave propagation in periodic thermodiffusive elastic materials
Multi-field asymptotic homogenization methods are proposed to describe the behaviour of periodic Cauchy materials subject to several physical phenomena, focusing on thermodiffusion. The resulting
Fractional-Order Theory of Thermoelasticity. II: Quasi-Static Behavior of Bars
AbstractThis work aims to shed light on the “thermally-anomalous” coupled behavior of slightly deformable bodies, in which the strain is additively decomposed in an elastic contribution and in a th...


Residual stress and thermal cycling of planar solid oxide fuel cells
Abstract The published literature relating to damage to planar solid oxide fuel cells caused by thermally induced stresses and thermal cycling is reviewed. This covers reported studies of thermal
Finite element analysis of the fracture behaviour of multi-layered systems used in solid oxide fuel cell applications
This work investigates the fracture behaviour of a multi-layered system typically used in solid oxide fuel cell applications, namely the lanthanum strontium manganite (LSM) and lanthanum strontium
Microstructural effects in elastic composites
Thermo‐mechanical analysis of periodic multiphase materials by a multiscale asymptotic homogenization approach
A spatial and temporal multiscale asymptotic homogenization method used to simulate thermo‐dynamic wave propagation in periodic multiphase materials is systematically studied. A general field
Micro-polar and second-order homogenization procedures for periodic elastic masonry have been implemented to include geometric and material length scales in the constitutive equation. From the
Generalized continua and non‐homogeneous boundary conditions in homogenisation methods
Extensions of classical homogenization methods are presented that are used to replace a composite material by an effective generalized continuum model. Homogeneous equivalent second gradient and