Overactive bladder: prevalence and implications in Brazil.

  title={Overactive bladder: prevalence and implications in Brazil.},
  author={Cl{\'a}udio Teloken and Fernanda Caraver and Fernanda A Weber and Patrick Ely Teloken and Jo{\~a}o Feliz Duarte de Moraes and Paulo Roberto Sogari and T{\'u}lio Meyer Graziottin},
  journal={European urology},
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OBJECTIVES To assess overactive bladder (OAB) prevalence, associated factors and implications in a young population. METHODS An independent population-based study was carried out. A self-applicative questionnaire covering urinary symptoms, coping strategies, quality of life and treatment seeking behavior was developed. RESULTS A total of 848 subjects between 15 and 55 years completed the questionnaire. The overall prevalence of OAB was 18.9%. Women were significantly more affected than men… CONTINUE READING