Over-stimulation of the vestibular system and body balance.

  title={Over-stimulation of the vestibular system and body balance.},
  author={Corinne Charles and Corinne Cian and Vincent Nougier and Xavier A. Bigard and Agn{\'e}s Job and Christian Raphel},
  journal={Journal of vestibular research : equilibrium & orientation},
  volume={12 2-3},
The purpose of this study was to examine whether an over-stimulation of the vestibular system, induced by thousands of time saccadic head stimulations, affects the vestibular sensitivity, and consequently if such a phenomenon could contribute to the deterioration of postural stability observed after a long distance running exercise. Eighteen athletic subjects performed a 20.5 km over ground race with an average speed of 15 km x h(-1), corresponding roughly to 7,500 strides shocks with… CONTINUE READING

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