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Ovanon. A new sequential oral contraceptive.

  title={Ovanon. A new sequential oral contraceptive.},
  author={E. Rice-wray and A. Pe{\~n}a and M. Maqueo},
  journal={International journal of fertility},
  volume={13 4},
A clinical study is presented of 122 women who used a new sequential oral contraceptive Ovanon which consists of .08 mg mestranol daily for 7 days followed by 15 days of a combined tablet of .075 mg mestranol and 2.5 mg lynestrenol daily for a total of 1087 cycles. Monthly follow-up clinic visits included patient interviews endometrial biopsies urinalysis prothrombin and coagulation time tests and liver function and steroid excretion tests. Few subjective complaints were recorded among these… Expand
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