Output filters for PWM drives with induction motors

  title={Output filters for PWM drives with induction motors},
  author={P.T. Finlayson},
  journal={Conference Record of 1997 Annual Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference},
  • P. Finlayson
  • Published 16 June 1997
  • Engineering
  • Conference Record of 1997 Annual Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference
PWM inverter drive circuits using insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) have become the preferred standard for the variable speed control of induction motors because of their high reliability, good performance and relatively low cost. Despite the many benefits these drives offer, it is important to understand the consequences they can place on the motor insulation system. This is particularly important when considering the fast rise time of the inverter output voltage pulses when applied… 

Research of inverter output filters for PWM drives

  • Mao HongfeiX. Dianguo
  • Engineering
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When long motor cables are used between a PWM inverter and motor, there will be voltage reflection, which contributes to overvoltage and damped high-frequency ringing at motor terminals which further

A low-loss motor terminal filter for overvoltage suppression

  • K. YuenH. Chung
  • Engineering
    2010 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition
  • 2010
Inverter-fed motor drive systems are widely used because of their benefits for energy efficiency and for flexible control of machinery using maintenance-free induction motors. As the inverter

An effective method to determine voltage waveform at terminal of induction motor fed by PWM inverter

The PWM inverter drive may cause motor terminal voltage surges and ringing, which impose severe electric stress on interturn insulation of motor windings. This paper presents an effective method to

A novel common-mode sinusoidal inverter output filter with variable inductor

A long cable between a PWM inverter and a motor results in overvoltage at the motor terminals. A PWM voltage source inverter (VSI) generates common-mode voltage (CMV), which leads to shaft voltage

Damping circuit to suppress motor terminal overvoltage and ringing in PWM inverter-fed AC motor drive systems with long motor leads

  • N. AokiK. SatohA. Nabae
  • Engineering
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This paper proposes an equivalent circuit analysis to suppress overvoltage and ringing in PWM inverter-fed AC motor drive systems where long motor leads are required. Conventional analysis of the

Active motor terminal overvoltage mitigation method for parallel two-level voltage source inverters

Inverter-fed motor drives can be subject to transient overvoltage problems caused by switching operations. Motor terminal overvoltages may occur if a motor is fed through a long motor cable. These

Control of an inverter output active du/dt filtering method

Frequency converters are used to increase the controllability and efficiency of electric motor drives. Induction motors may experience an insulation failure caused by an overvoltage at the motor

Sensorless direct torque control of induction motor drive with LC filter

  • J. Guzinski
  • Engineering
    2012 15th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (EPE/PEMC)
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A sensorless solution for induction motor (IM) with inverter output filter drives with application to direct torque control is proposed and a short description and discussion of the schemes is given.

A new common-mode sinusoidal inverter output filter

Long cables between a PWM inverter and a motor will result in over-voltage at motor terminals. PWM voltage source inverter generates high d/spl nu//dt and high frequency common-mode voltage, which

Filters for Active Front End Motor Drives

Present day IGBT based power adjustable speed drives have fast turn-ON and turn-OFF times results in high dv/dt being applied to the motor terminals. The high dv/dt switching waveforms along with



Transient effects in application of PWM inverters to induction motors

  • E. Persson
  • Physics
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Standard squirrel cage induction motors are subjected to nonsinusoidal wave shapes, when supplied from adjustable frequency inverters. In addition to causing increased heating, these wave patterns

Considerations in derating induction motors for applications on variable frequency drives

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The basic operational features and special operational considerations of controlling industrial motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs), particularly those featuring pulse width modulation