Output coupling of a Bose-Einstein condensate formed in a TOP trap

  title={Output coupling of a Bose-Einstein condensate formed in a TOP trap},
  author={J. L. Mart{\'i}n and C. R. McKenzie and N. R. Thomas and John C. Sharpe and D. M. Warrington and Peter Manson and W. J. Sandle and A C Wilson},
  journal={Journal of Physics B},
Two distinct mechanisms are investigated for transferring a pure 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate in the |F = 2, mF = 2 state into a mixture of condensates in all the mF states within the F = 2 manifold. Some of these condensates remain trapped whilst others are output coupled in the form of an elementary pulsed atom laser. Here we present details of the condensate preparation and results of the two condensate output coupling schemes. The first scheme is a radio-frequency technique which allows… 
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This behavior provided evidence for the process of bosonic stimulation, or coherent matter-wave amplification, crucial to the concept of an atom laser.
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