Output-Gate Projected Gated Recurrent Unit for Speech Recognition

  title={Output-Gate Projected Gated Recurrent Unit for Speech Recognition},
  author={Gaofeng Cheng and Daniel Povey and Lu Huang and Ji Xu and S. Khudanpur and Yonghong Yan},
In this paper, we describe the work on accelerating decoding speed while improving the decoding accuracy. Firstly, we propose an architecture which we call Projected Gated Recurrent Unit (PGRU) for automatic speech recognition (ASR) tasks, and show that the PGRU could outperform the standard GRU consistently. Secondly, in order to improve the PGRU’s generalization, especially for large-scale ASR task, the Output-gate PGRU (OPGRU) is proposed. Finally, time delay neural network (TDNN) and… Expand
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