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Outline of a Phenomenology of Right

  title={Outline of a Phenomenology of Right},
  author={Alexandre Koj{\`e}ve and Bryan-Paul Frost and Robert L. Howse},
Chapter 1 Preliminary Remarks Part 2 Droit As Such Chapter 3 Definition of Droit Chapter 4 The Reality of Droit Chapter 5 The Specificity and Autonomy of Droit: The Juridical Activity in its Relations with other Human Activities and the Idea of Justice Part 6 The Origin and Evolution of Droit Chapter 7 The Source of Droit: The Anthropologic Desire for Recognition as the Source of the Idea of Justice Chapter 8 The Birth ofDroit: The Antithetical Justices of the Master and Slave Chapter 9 The… 

Vico’s “Scienza Nuova”: Sematology and Thirdness in the Law

  • Paolo Heritier
  • Law
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique
  • 2020
Is it the task of legal semiotics or the legal philosophers to define legal semiotics? For the philosopher of law, the question recalls the distinction between philosophers’ philosophy of law and

Person and Disability: Legal Fiction and Living Independently

  • Paolo Heritier
  • Philosophy
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique
  • 2021
Without extending the historical analysis, this article analyzes the relationship between the legal concept of person with regard to the notion of living independently. The concept is normatively

Between order and insurgency: Post-structuralism and the problem of justice

Faced with the apologetic and exclusionary tendencies of liberal normativism, there is a marked trend in political theory to recover a more critical conception of justice, which does not adopt the

Hegel’s Philosophy of Bildung

The idea that Bildung is central to Hegel’s account of the unending, historical development of individual human subjects and of humanity at large is widely recognized. However, there is no agreement

The Unbearable Ambiguity of the Gift*

In his book, Pour une histoire naturelle du don, François Athané questions the various anthropological, sociological, and philosophical discourses surrounding the fundamental social role of the gift.

Dimensions of the Political in Adjudication: A Case Study

Contrary to traditional accounts, which treat adjudication as the application of legal norms to the facts of a case, without any creative activity, the present paper assumes, following crtitical

Dead Man Still Walking: A Critical Investigation into the Rise and Fall . . . and Rise of Zombie Cinema

Horror films act as a barometer for society’s tensions and anxieties, and the early years of the twenty-first century have seen a notable increase in such movies, the zombie narrative in particular.

Secularism Stuck in the End-Times: From Alexandre Kojève to the Recent Messianic Turn

In current Western philosophical discourse, secularism appears to be at a crossroads. There has been much written about the return of religion into politics and the public sphere, as well as the rise

Hegel in Dark Times: The Resurrections of Geist from the Ashes of War

As is often noted, the “Great War” did not necessarily end on 1918 in a treaty, but would linger for the following two decades to come and arguably beyond. In the philosophical arena, warring games

A Historical Perspective on the Unification of Private Law and the Future of the Civil Code

China has a long tradition of legal codification. In looking at the unification of private law, we need to follow three historical threads: the historicity of law, the rationality of private law and