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Outline of a Doctrine Of French Policy

  title={Outline of a Doctrine Of French Policy},
  author={Alexandre Koj{\`e}ve},
Editor's note: In tbe afterlllath of World War ll . the philosopher Alexandre Ko;i!ve presented the rrellch govemlllent h,s "Olltline of a Doc/rine of Frencb Policy, .. a document that remains today of scholarl)~ historieal, pbilosop/1/eal. and per/Japs most startlingly contemporary interest. This unabridged translation marks its first appearance in Ellglish. It was translated from the French by Erik de Vries, who recently completed his doctoral dissertation. "A Ko;eveall Citizenship Model for… 

Alexandre Kojève’s Hegelianism and the Formation of Europe

  • C. Kletzer
  • Art
    Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies
  • 2006
Kojève once wrote in a reply to Leo Strauss that the philosopher who contemplates action faces a conflict that constitutes the only authentic tragedy left in the Christian or bourgeois world: [T]he

Europe as an Idea, Will, and Profanation

Author reflects on Europe as an idea, will and profanation. He argues that Europe has never crossed the threshold of sheer imagination, i.e. it has never been realized and it is for this reason that

Is the Otaku Becoming-Overman? (人間科学総合研究所十周年記念号)

paean to capitalism made in 1989, a moment in history prior to the deep, endemic recession which currently plagues many of the world's economies. I conclude by suggesting that while the 'snob' thesis

Between regional community and global society: Europe in the shadow of Schmitt and Kojève

While celebrated for bringing peace and prosperity to the region, European integration has been recently challenged by various internal and external crises that call the progressivist narrative of

Necrophilia, mon amour1: José Luis Brea y los últimos días de la historia en la Expo 92

RESUMEN El teatro circulatorio, poshistórico y posidentitario de la Exposición Universal de Sevilla 1992 resulta un escenario privilegiado para interrogar las conexiones entre el nuevo contexto