Outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSD


We describe a variation of the iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm for aligning two point sets under a set of transformations. Our algorithm is superior to previous algorithms because (1) in determining the optimal alignment, it identifies and discards likely outliers in a statistically robust manner, and (2) it is guaranteed to converge to a locally… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/3DIM.2007.39


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@article{Phillips2007OutlierRI, title={Outlier Robust ICP for Minimizing Fractional RMSD}, author={Jeff M. Phillips and Ran Liu and Carlo Tomasi}, journal={Sixth International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (3DIM 2007)}, year={2007}, pages={427-434} }