Outlier Detection and Removal Algorithm in K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering

  title={Outlier Detection and Removal Algorithm in K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering},
  author={Anwesha Barai and Lopamudra Dey},
An outlier in a pattern is dissimilar with rest of the pattern in a dataset. Outlier detection is an important issue in data mining. It has been used to detect and remove anomalous objects from data. Outliers occur due to mechanical faults, changes in system behavior, fraudulent behavior, and human errors. This paper describes the methodology or detecting and removing outlier in K-Means and Hierarchical clustering. First apply clustering algorithm K-means and Hierarchical clustering on a data… 
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The present invention provides a heat exchange element comprising a molded product of a paper-like material made of ceramic fibers as a matrix, the interstices among the ceramic fibers being