Outer crust of a cold, nonaccreting neutron star within the quark-meson-coupling model

  title={Outer crust of a cold, nonaccreting neutron star within the quark-meson-coupling model},
  author={S. Anti{\'c} and Jirina Rikovska Stone and J. C. Miller and K. L. Martinez and P. A. M. Guichon and A. W. Thomas},
  journal={arXiv: Nuclear Theory},
The outer crust properties of cold non-accreting neutron stars are studied within the framework of the quark-meson coupling (QMC) model, which includes the effects of modifications of the quark structure inside individual nucleons when they are within a high-density nuclear medium. With a unique set of five well-constrained adjustable parameters, which have a clear physical basis, the QMC model gives predictions for the ground state observables of even-even nuclei which agree with experiment as… 
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