Outcrossing rates and male sterility in natural populations of Plantago coronopus

  title={Outcrossing rates and male sterility in natural populations of Plantago coronopus},
  author={K Wolff and B. Friso and Jos M. M. van Damme},
  journal={Theoretical and Applied Genetics},
Outcrossing rates were estimated in three populations of the gynodioecious species Plantago coronopus by means of electrophoresis of adult plants and their natural progenies. A multilocus estimation procedure was used. Heterogeneity among the pollen-pool allele frequencies did not exist either in space of in time. Differences between populations in mean outcrossing rates were large (range: 0.34–0.93), probably caused by differences in densities of flowering plants. In addition, there was… CONTINUE READING

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