Outcomes of infants born to women infected with hepatitis B.

  title={Outcomes of infants born to women infected with hepatitis B.},
  author={Sarah F. Schillie and Tanja Y. Walker and Steven L Veselsky and Susan A Crowley and Cristina Dusek and Julie E Lazaroff and Sandra A Morris and Kenneth U. Onye and Stephen C. Ko and Nancy E Fenlon and Noele P. Nelson and Trudy V. Murphy},
  volume={135 5},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Perinatal exposure is an important mode of hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission, resulting in chronic disease in ∼ 90% of infected infants. Immunoprophylaxis recommended for infants born to hepatitis B surface antigen-positive mothers reduces up to 95% of perinatal HBV infections. We sought to identify factors associated with perinatal HBV transmission. METHODS We analyzed prospectively collected data from 5 of 64 US-funded Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Programs… CONTINUE READING