Outcome of teenage pregnancy and labour: a retrospective study.

  title={Outcome of teenage pregnancy and labour: a retrospective study.},
  author={Chayna Sarkar and Ashok Kumar Giri and Barun Sarkar},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Medical Association},
  volume={89 7},
During the period of study of 3 years (1985-1987), 4698 (18.68%) cases of labour in teenage mothers were recorded out of a total of 25,142 deliveries in the obstetric unit. Preponderance of primigravida (76.6%) and cases from rural areas (51.3%) were recorded. Antenatal care was nil or inadequate in 48.6% cases. Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia affected teenage mothers (10.6%) were much more frequent than mothers of 20 years of age and above (5.2%). Incidence of 30% low birth weight baby, 20.1… CONTINUE READING

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