Outcome of prenatally detected cardiac malformations.

  title={Outcome of prenatally detected cardiac malformations.},
  author={J F Smythe and Joshua Abbott Copel and Charles S. Kleinman},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={69 17},
Reliable, prenatal detection of congenital heart disease has become possible over the past decade with the evolution of fetal echocardiography. We have documented the outcome of 170 cardiac defects diagnosed prenatally since 1984. Of 170 cases, 55 (32%) had major extracardiac malformations and 45 (28%) chromosomal abnormalities (16 had both). Elective termination was chosen in 77 (45%) pregnancies. Of 93 continuing pregnancies 15 were stillborn and 43 died postnatally (48% of these fetuses and… CONTINUE READING


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