Outcome of long standing solitary thyroid nodules

  title={Outcome of long standing solitary thyroid nodules},
  author={Dr. Kanji Kuma and Fumio Matsuzuka and A Kobayashi and Keisuke Hirai and Sinji Morita and Akira Miyauchi and Shoichi Katayama and Masahiro Sugawara},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
We investigated the outcome of long standing palpable solitary thyroid nodules by surveying 441 patients and examining 140 patients who had untreated thyroid nodules for 15±4.5 years. In our clinical survey, the most common outcome was disappearance of the thyroid nodule (38.3%). Also a significant number of patients (36.3%) underwent surgery in other hospitals. Five (1.1%) patients died of thyroid cancer. When thyroid nodules were re-examined, most nodules indeed decreased in size or… CONTINUE READING
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