Outcome of liver transplantation in patients with hemochromatosis.

  title={Outcome of liver transplantation in patients with hemochromatosis.},
  author={Frank J. Farrell and Michael Nguyen and Steven Woodley and Joanne C. Imperial and Richard Garcia-Kennedy and Kwan Man and Carlos O. Esquivel and Emmet B. Keeffe},
  volume={20 2},
Recent preliminary reports suggest a poor outcome of orthotopic liver transplantation for patients with hemochromatosis. We analyzed an institutional experience with orthotopic liver transplantation for hemochromatosis, focusing on factors contributing to increased morbidity and mortality. Between March 1988 and October 1992, nine of 249 adults (3.6%) undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation had hemochromatosis. Mean age was 53 yr (range, 42 to 62 yr), and eight of nine patients were men… CONTINUE READING


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