Outcome of "short-term" Dead Sea climatotherapy for psoriasis.

  title={Outcome of "short-term" Dead Sea climatotherapy for psoriasis.},
  author={A D Cohen and Jonathan Shapiro and David Michael and Emmilia Hodak and Dina Van-Dijk and Lechaim Naggan and Daniel A. Vardy},
  journal={Acta dermato-venereologica},
  volume={88 1},
Climatotherapy at the Dead Sea (CDS) for patients with psoriasis induces a persistent remission in the majority of patients with psoriasis, is associated with minor side-effects and is pleasant for the patients (1–11). The published literature on CDS describes patients with moderate to severe psoriasis who spend an average period of one month (“long-term”) at the Dead Sea. There are no published data, however, on the effectiveness and characteristics of “short-term” CDS for patients with… 

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