Outcome after the single-stage, nonfenestrated Fontan procedure.

  title={Outcome after the single-stage, nonfenestrated Fontan procedure.},
  author={Daphne T. Hsu and Jan M. Quaegebeur and Frank F. Ing and E J Selber and Jacqueline Lamour and Welton M. Gersony},
  volume={96 9 Suppl},
BACKGROUND A completed Fontan circulation is the goal in the management of patients with single-ventricle physiology. To achieve this end, a two-stage rather than a single-stage approach is carried out routinely at many centers. Some groups have advocated baffle fenestration for virtually all patients to minimize post-Fontan complications. Other centers perform single-stage Fontan operations and do not fenestrate. Thus controversies have arisen regarding the indications for the staged procedure… CONTINUE READING
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