Outbreaks of typhoid fever in the United States, 1960-99.

  title={Outbreaks of typhoid fever in the United States, 1960-99.},
  author={Sonja Olsen and Susan Casey Bleasdale and Anthony R Magnano and Christopher Landrigan and Ben H. Holland and Robert V. Tauxe and Eric Daniel Mintz and Stephen B Luby},
  journal={Epidemiology and infection},
  volume={130 1},
Although the incidence of typhoid fever in the United States has been low since the 1940s, Salmonella Typhi continues to cause outbreaks. We reviewed reported outbreaks of typhoid fever from 1960 to 1999. There were 60 outbreaks; in 54, exposure occurred within the United States. These 54 outbreaks accounted for 957 total cases (median 10) and 4 deaths. In 36 (67%) outbreaks the route of transmission was identified, and in 16 (62%) of the 26 foodborne outbreaks an asymptomatic carrier was… CONTINUE READING

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