Outbreak of adenoviral infections in a long-term paediatric facility, New Jersey, 1986/87.


During an 8-week period in the winter of 1986-87, there were 11 deaths from an adenovirus infection (case fatality rate = 39%, 11/28) in a long-term care paediatric facility in southern New Jersey. Among the 61 resident children, all with severe congenital and/or acquired disabilities, 28 developed a febrile respiratory illness compatible with adenovirus infection [attack rate (AR) = 46%]. Patients with tracheostomies were three times as likely to become ill [relative risk (RR) = 3.2, 95% confidence intervals (CI) = 1.8-5.6]. Twenty-three members of the staff had a similar febrile illness (AR = 22%, 23/106); nurses were more likely to be ill than other staff (RR = 3.0, 95% CI = 1.1-11.4). Adenovirus 7 was isolated from four of the case patients and adenovirus 1 from one. The findings suggest prolonged transmission between patients and nursing staff with lack of cohorting of ill patients probably contributing to the prolongation of the outbreak. This investigation indicates that adenoviral outbreaks, although rare, can have a high mortality in severely disabled children, and that future outbreak investigations should examine the use of vaccines or antiviral agents to reduce mortality and for outbreak control.


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