Out-of-pocket health care costs among older Americans.

  title={Out-of-pocket health care costs among older Americans.},
  author={Stephen Crystal and Richard W. Johnson and Jeffrey P. Harman and Usha Sambamoorthi and Rashmi Kumar},
  journal={The journals of gerontology. Series B, Psychological sciences and social sciences},
  volume={55 1},
OBJECTIVES Despite Medicare, elderly persons are exposed to substantial out-of-pocket health care cost burdens. As Medicare reform proposals are considered, it is important to determine the current size, distribution, and burden of these expenditures. METHODS Data from the 1995 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey were used to analyze out-of-pocket expenditures and their burden in relation to income; the proportion of total health care expenditures paid out-of-pocket; and the role of pharmacy… CONTINUE READING
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