Out-of-equilibrium generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations

  title={Out-of-equilibrium generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations},
  author={G. Gradenigo and A. Puglisi and A. Sarracino and D. Villamaina and A. Vulpiani},
  journal={arXiv: Statistical Mechanics},
  • G. Gradenigo, A. Puglisi, +2 authors A. Vulpiani
  • Published 2012
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • arXiv: Statistical Mechanics
  • We discuss fluctuation-dissipation relations valid under general conditions even out of equilibrium. The response function is expressed in terms of unperperturbed correlation functions, where contributions peculiar to non-equilibrium can appear. Such extra terms take into account the interaction among the relevant degrees of freedom in the system. We illustrate the general formalism with two examples: driven granular systems and anomalous diffusion on comb structures. 

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