Out-of-Body Experiences in Schizophrenia A Questionnaire Survey

  title={Out-of-Body Experiences in Schizophrenia A Questionnaire Survey},
  author={Susan Blackmore},
  journal={The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease},
  • S. Blackmore
  • Published 1 October 1986
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Questionnaires on perceptual distortions, symptoms of schizophrenia, and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) were completed by 71 volunteers with a history of schizophrenia and 40 control subjects (patients in a hospital accident ward). Significantly more of the schizophrenics (42%) than of the control group (13%) answered “yes” to a question about OBEs. However, a follow-up questionnaire showed that only 14% of schizophrenics (i.e., the same as the control group) had had “typical” OBEs, in which a… 

Out-of-Body Experiences and Related Phenomena in Migraine Art

It is concluded that out-of-body experiences can occur as migraine aura symptom, which supports the notion that OBEs represent a preformed functional response of the brain.

The bodily self: a qualitative study of abnormal bodily phenomena in persons with schizophrenia.

Bodily self‐disturbance in schizophrenia‐spectrum populations: Introducing the Benson et al. Body Disturbances Inventory (B‐BODI)

The results suggest that the B-BODI is a useful tool that accurately captures bodily self- Disturbances and has the potential to predict psychosis risk in healthy young individuals and anomalous self-disturbances seem to be relatively stable across time in individuals with chronic schizophrenia.

Clinical approaches to the out-of-body experience

A continuum of experiences of altered mind/body perception, from the prototypical OBE on the healthy end to schizophrenia and organic brain syndromes on the other end is described.

Deliberate and spontaneous sensations of disembodiment: capacity or flaw?

It is concluded that OBE should be regarded as a necessary implication of VPT ability in humans, or even as anecessary and potentially sufficient condition for the evolution of V PT.

The life-world of persons with schizophrenia. A panoramic view

423 Journal of Psychopathology 2014;20:423-434 Summary The profound transformation of the life-world of persons with schizophrenia involves changes in the ontological framework of experience and has