Our own people: a memoir of 'Ignace Reiss' and his friends

  title={Our own people: a memoir of 'Ignace Reiss' and his friends},
  author={Paul W. Blackstock and Elizabeth K. Poretsky and I Reiss and F. W. D. Deakin},
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Human-cyber Nexus: the parallels between ‘illegal’ intelligence operations and advanced persistent threats

Drawing from historical illegals cases to identify parallels in the preparation, insertion, and control of malware by APTs, the methods for countering the two parallel phenomena can also be similar, despite their physical differences.

Z filologii śledczej. Praca agenturalna stalinowskich służb specjalnych za granicą na przykładzie sprawy o zabójstwo Ignacego Reissa

From Investigative Philology. Agency activity of Stalin’s intelligence service as illustrated by the Ignace Reiss’ assassination case In order to illustrate the agency activity of Stalin’s

The Global Revolution

World War I and its aftermath witnessed a global revolution. This was reflected in the revolutionary war aims of most of the belligerents, the technological revolution that made the war so deadly,


The author, a specialist on East European (including Soviet) philosophy with an uncommon knowledge of the relevant literature, deals with the years 1963-68, when the crisis in Marxist-Leninist

Early Cold War Spies: The Soble-Soblen Case: Last of the Early Cold War Spy Trials

T he spy trials of the late 1940s and early 1950s fo cused on the theft of sensitive government information. Top secret documents, atomic espionage, and military technology had been stolen. The

Early Cold War Spies: The Espionage Trials that Shaped American Politics

1. Introduction: early Cold War spy cases 2. The precursors 3. Elizabeth Bentley: the case of the blond spy queen 4. The Alger Hiss - Whittaker Chambers case 5. The atomic espionage cases 6. Judith

The Rudolf Slánský Affair: New Evidence

Rudolf Slánský's arrest in November 1951 by Statni bezpecnost (StB), the Czechoslovak secret police, his Kafkaesque trial a year later, and his execution caused a sensation during the early years of

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Abouchar, Alan. "The Private Plot and the Prototype Collective Farm Charter" 2: 355-59; "Rejoinder to Professor Nove" 2:360; (review) 3:693 Afferica, Joan (review) 1:140-42 Alexander, John T.