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Our money: Our place Exploring ‘Puma LETS as a micro-political tool in thecontext of economic crisis’

  title={Our money: Our place Exploring ‘Puma LETS as a micro-political tool in thecontext of economic crisis’},
  author={C. Prado},
This research paper looks at a Local Exchange Trading Scheme (LETS) called ‘Puma’ that is being deployed within the Pumarejo neighbourhood in the Spanish city of Seville. The research that is presented focuses on analysing the scheme in terms of a micro-political tool deployed by a local community to achieve the creation of an autonomous space in order to re-embed economic and cultural practices into a more human and sustainable scale. In particular, the research aims to explain why and… Expand
Social and Solidarity Economy scale beyond contradictions: The case of the actors of the Alternative Community Commercialization Network (Red Comal) in Honduras
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