[Our experience with surgery of neuromas of the 8th nerve].


Before 1982 the suboccipital approach was reserved for neurinomas larger than 2 cm diameter, whereas since that date the translabyrinthine approach has been employed in all cases where no attempt was made to preserve hearing. Of the 85 patients operated upon between 1978 and 1985, 5 were through a supra-petrous approach, 35 a retro-sigmoid approach, 44 a translabyrinthine approach and one by a transotic approach. Translabyrinthine approaches allowed the best postoperative course and conservation of normal facial motility in 22 patients of 33 with stages II and III lesions. An attempt was made to preserve hearing in 9 patients, with one reasonable result by the supra-petrous approach and 2 satisfactory results including one perfect operated upon using a rectosigmoid approach.

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