Our Lives and Ideologies

  title={Our Lives and Ideologies},
  author={Ronald Amundson and Gayle Taira},
  journal={Journal of Disability Policy Studies},
  pages={53 - 57}
The opposition to a public policy of physician-assisted suicide from within the disability-rights community seems to be surprising to academics who are supporters of other civil rights movements. Physician-assisted suicide is seen by them as a part of a progressive political agenda, akin to abortion rights and the civil rights of minorities. Many disability-rights advocates see physician-assisted suicide as quite the opposite—an example of discrimination against people with disabilities and a… 

Understanding the Voices of Disability Advocates in Physician-Assisted Suicide Debates

  • D. Stahl
  • Philosophy
    Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality
  • 2021
Christians have an obligation to attend to the voices of persons who are crying out that their dignity and very lives are in jeopardy when physician-assisted suicide (PAS) becomes legalized. The

Rejecting rights: The disability critique of physician assisted suicide

This chapter examines disability rights movement's rejection of a right to physician-assisted suicide (PAS). Supporters of PAS frame the right to enlist a physician's help in determining the nature

The Right to Die Debate: The Demonization of Dr. Kevorkian and the Creation of a Moral Panic Surrounding Physician-Assisted Suicide in the United States

The Right to Die Debate is a recent but highly controversial moral matter. In particular, physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is an issue that has been evaded by the medical community for years. As of

Unit-1 Discourses Of Ableism And Disablism

In this block on ‘Abled Bodies and Disability’, we begin our discussion with the understanding of the notions of ableism and disablism. These two concepts are ideological positions that provide a

Disabled People’s Vulnerability in the European Single Market: The Case of Consumer Information

  • I. Eskyte
  • Business
    Journal of Consumer Policy
  • 2019
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (2006) recognizes access to consumer goods and services in the mainstream private market as essential for full participation

Exploring the impact of a developing sexuality on adolescents with autism

This research project sought to understand as far as possible what meanings the period of development termed as ‘adolescence’ meant for a small group of young men on the autism spectrum, as

Ableist contours of Down syndrome in Australia: Facebook attitudes towards existence and parenting of people with Down syndrome

The varying contours of ableism within responses to 60 Minutes’ segment ‘Does Australia really want to see the end of Down syndrome?’ are analyzed to consider the operationalisation of ableists within the Australian social landscape.

Oppressive Things*

In analyzing oppressive systems like racism, social theorists have articulated accounts of the dynamic interaction and mutual dependence between psychological components, such as individuals’

An Interactive and Neurodiversity-Affirming Approach to Communication Supports for Autistic Students Through Videogaming.

  • S. Santhanam
  • Psychology
    Language, speech, and hearing services in schools
  • 2023
PURPOSE Videogaming offers an interactive, enjoyable, and socially valid context for interaction between autistic and non-autistic students in schools. In this tutorial, I describe an approach that



Physician-assisted suicide.

On Certainty*

Certainty is an epistemic quality or, as philosophers are used to say, an epistemic modality. It is not easily accounted for as such; but things get even more complicated due to the fact that

Final exit

Assisted-suicide numbers continue to rise in Oregon

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  • 2003