Otologic findings in a pediatric cohort with sickle cell disease.

  title={Otologic findings in a pediatric cohort with sickle cell disease.},
  author={Candice Macdonald and Paul W. Bauer Paul W. Bauer and Lakeisha C. Cox and Lillian E C McMahon},
  journal={International journal of pediatric otorhinolaryngology},
  volume={47 1},
OBJECTIVE Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) has been associated with sickle cell disease (SCD) in older children and adults. Few studies have investigated this association in younger children. DESIGN In a cohort of pediatric patients followed at our sickle cell clinic, with a mean age of 7.8 years, 154 audiograms were completed on 84 patients. RESULTS This produced 22 subjects with abnormal audiograms. Middle ear effusion was the etiology of 19 subjects' audiometric findings. Three children… CONTINUE READING

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