Otiŭm: A web based planner for tourism and leisure

  title={Otiŭm: A web based planner for tourism and leisure},
  author={Arturo Montejo R{\'a}ez and Jos{\'e} Manuel Perea Ortega and Miguel {\'A}ngel Garc{\'i}a Cumbreras and Fernando Mart{\'i}nez Santiago},
  journal={Expert Syst. Appl.},
This paper introduces the Otiŭm planner system for scheduling of leisure tasks in tourism. This novel service allows users to create their own agenda of activities within specified dates. Activities are selected from a list of recommended events according to last selected events, user preferences and other parameters. The proposed restrictions on the recommendation procedure have been found to capture static and dynamic user context. The recommendation function is linear and shows low… CONTINUE READING

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