Other uses of homologous skin grafts and skin bank bioproducts.

  title={Other uses of homologous skin grafts and skin bank bioproducts.},
  author={Michele Fimiani and Elisa Pianigiani and Francesca Cherubini Di Simplicio and Paolo Sbano and Aldo Cuccia and Gerarda Pompella and Giovambattista De Aloe and Felice Petraglia},
  journal={Clinics in dermatology},
  volume={23 4},
The main use of homologous skin grafts or grafts of related bioproducts is in the treatment of severe burns. However, various new clinical and experimental sectors, in which this type of skin substitute can be useful, have recently emerged. The main new clinical indications for skin allografts include: skin loss, surgical wounds and bullous diseases. In these fields donor skin can be used for different purposes: as a physiological biological dressing to control pain and protect deep structures… CONTINUE READING
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