Othello’s Sister: Racial Hermaphroditism and Appropriation in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando

  title={Othello’s Sister: Racial Hermaphroditism and Appropriation in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando},
  author={Celia R. Caputi Daileader},
  journal={Studies in the Novel},
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Orienting Virginia Woolf: Race, Aesthetics, and Politics in To the Lighthouse
Wide-ranging aesthetic and political racialisms inform Virginia Woolf's narrative technique in To the Lighthouse (1927), producing radical departures from literary tradition. In dismantlingExpand
"Kissing a Negress in the Dark": Englishness as a Masquerade in Woolf's Orlando
in lesbian modernist writing. OW "ESSENTIAL" is national identity to the modern subject? According to Benedict Anderson, "in the modern world everyone can, should, will 'have' a nationality, as he orExpand
Where Are the Mothers in Shakespeare? Options for Gender Representation in the English Renaissance
HIS ESSAY BRINGS TOGETHER FEMINISM, historicism, and formalismapproaches and perspectives often thought to be mutually exclusive. New historicists, for example, for the most part have avoidedExpand
“ Power and Sexual Ambiguity : The Dreadnought Hoax , The Voyage Out , Mrs Dalloway , and Orlando . ”
  • Journal of Modern Literature
  • 1989