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Ostrowski quotients for finite extensions of number fields

  title={Ostrowski quotients for finite extensions of number fields},
  author={Ehsan Shahoseini and Ali Rajaei and Abbas Maarefparvar},
. For L/K a finite Galois extension of number fields, the relative P´olya group Po( L/K ) coincides with the group of strongly ambiguous ideal classes in L/K . In this paper, using a well known exact sequence related to Po( L/K ), in the works of Brumer-Rosen and Zantema, we find short proofs for some classical results in the literatur. Then we define the “Ostrowski quotient” Ost( L/K ) as the cokernel of the capitulation map into Po( L/K ), and generalize some known results for Po( L/ Q ) to Ost… 
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