Osterix/Sp7 regulates mesenchymal stem cell mediated endochondral ossification.

  title={Osterix/Sp7 regulates mesenchymal stem cell mediated endochondral ossification.},
  author={Lee A. Kaback and Do Yu Soung and A Akshatha Naik and Nathan Earl Smith and Edward M Schwarz and Regis J O'keefe and Hicham Drissi},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={214 1},
We investigated the expression and regulation of the zinc finger protein Osterix (Osx) during endochondral ossification in mice. In studies to determine the temporal and spatial regulation of Osx mRNA and protein during embryogenesis we found it to be present throughout development, but its expression is restricted to the immature chondro/osteoprogenitor cells and mature osteoblasts, excluding hypertrophic chondrocytes. Using a fracture model, we show a consistent pattern of Osx protein… CONTINUE READING