Osteoradionecrosis, oral health and dental treatment.

  title={Osteoradionecrosis, oral health and dental treatment.},
  author={Daniel E Jolly},
  journal={Dental assistant},
  volume={73 2},
  pages={4-7; quiz 8-9}
Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) is a potentially debilitating complication of radiation therapy in the treatment of carcinoma in and around the oral cavity. Treatment of ORN is by surgical resection of all necrotic tissue and primary closure of the mucosa. This is supplemented with HBO given in 90-minute sessions at approximately 2.5 ATM of pure oxygen for 20 sessions prior to surgical intervention and followed by 10 additional postoperative dives. Antibiotics, such as penicillins or similar spectrum… CONTINUE READING

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