Osteoporosis and calcification of the aorta.

  title={Osteoporosis and calcification of the aorta.},
  author={Mark A. Frye and Lee Joseph Melton and Sandra C. Bryant and Lorraine A. Fitzpatrick and Heinz W. Wahner and Robert S. Schwartz and B. Lawrence Riggs},
  journal={Bone and mineral},
  volume={19 2},
In an age-stratified random sample of 200 Rochester, Minnesota women, the prevalence of aortic calcification rose with aging, as did the prevalence of vertebral fractures, while bone mass fell. The statistically significant positive association of aortic calcification with vertebral fractures and the negative associations with bone mass at six skeletal sites were mainly accounted for by age. After age-adjustment, the only association remaining was a negative one between calcified aortic plaques… CONTINUE READING
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