Osteopontin is a prognostic biomarker in non-small cell lung cancer

  title={Osteopontin is a prognostic biomarker in non-small cell lung cancer},
  author={Ane Kongsgaard Rud and K Boye and Miriam \Oijordsbakken and Marius Lund-Iversen and Ann Rita Halvorsen and Steinar Kristian Solberg and Gisle Berge and {\AA}slaug Helland and Odd Terje Brustugun and Gunhild Mari M{\ae}landsmo},
  booktitle={BMC Cancer},
In a previously published report we characterized the expression of the metastasis-associated proteins S100A4, osteopontin (OPN) and ephrin-A1 in a prospectively collected panel of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tumors. The aim of the present follow-up study was to investigate the prognostic impact of these potential biomarkers in the same patient cohort. In addition, circulating serum levels of OPN were measured and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the -443 position of the OPN… CONTINUE READING