Osteopontin-c is a selective marker of breast cancer.

  title={Osteopontin-c is a selective marker of breast cancer.},
  author={Mana Mirza and Elizabeth Shaughnessy and John K Hurley and Kristie A Vanpatten and Gary A. Pestano and Bin He and Georg F Weber},
  journal={International journal of cancer},
  volume={122 4},
While the acquisition of invasiveness is a critical step in early stage breast carcinomas (DCIS), no established molecular markers reliably identify tumor progression. The metastasis gene osteopontin is subject to alternative splicing, which yields 3 messages, osteopontin-a, osteopontin-b and osteopontin-c. Osteopontin-c is selectively expressed in invasive, but not in noninvasive, breast tumor cell lines, and it effectively supports anchorage independence. We evaluated osteopontin-c as a… CONTINUE READING
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