Osteonecrosis: what to do, what to do!


Despite extensive literature on the subject, the treatment approaches for osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) remain controversial. The literature presently available to the orthopaedist suggests that i) ONFH can be identified early; ii) there are reasonable treatments for early stages of ONFH; iii) no single treatment is sufficient for all hips; and iv) there is as yet no predictable permanent treatment for early ONFH. The author's recommended approach for the practicing orthopaedist includes the following: i) develop a high degree of clinical suspicion that the disease is present and understand the role of magnetic resonance imaging in making an accurate diagnosis; ii) understand and use an appropriate staging system for each hip diagnosed; iii) be comfortable with several treatment options for early ONFH or choose to refer to appropriate centers; and iv) become comfortable with the use of uncemented THA for end-stage ONFH. The field continues to need and should support better treatment studies, including randomized clinical trials.

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