Osteonecrosis in patients irradiated for head and neck carcinoma.

  title={Osteonecrosis in patients irradiated for head and neck carcinoma.},
  author={R B Morrish and Eugenia Chan and Sol Silverman and Julie M. Meyer and Karen K. Fu and Deborah Greenspan},
  volume={47 8},
One hundred patients irradiated for cancers of the oral cavity, oropharynx, and nasopharynx were evaluated for the occurrence of osteonecrosis and associated predisposing factors. Selection was based on availability of complete dental records, a minimum of six months follow-up, and treatment fields, which included maxilla and/or mandible. Bone doses were calculated by using radiotherapy treatment records, port films, and isodose distributions. Osteonecrosis developed in 19 of 78 dentulous… CONTINUE READING


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